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New proposals would see operator names dropped from private hire car door stickers in Wakefield

Image credit : TaxiPoint

New proposals put forward by Wakefield’s taxi and private hire licensing committee would see the current requirement for private hire vehicles to display the operator’s name to which the driver is working for on the outside of the doors dropped.

Committee members believe that since many drivers now work for multiple operators, such a licensing requirement is no longer needed and defeats the purpose because different passengers could be using that particular vehicle/driver through different operators.

The current policy on decals states that door livery must include the operator’s name, a landline telephone number and the words “pre-booking only”. The policy also requires non-illuminated windscreen visor signs to be fitted to the top of the front and rear screen of the vehicle, and they must display the company name in the centre, with the landline telephone number at either side in contrasting colours.

But in documents shared at the council‘s latest Licensing meeting, it says: “It is common practice for private hire drivers to work for multiple operators. Those who drive for one operator will still display their details on their door decals in accordance with the policy."

Those drivers who drive for multiple operators currently display all operators on the decal. This results in a reduction in the font size to incorporate all operators on the decals and often there is simply not enough room to incorporate all operator details.

Under the new proposals, drivers would only have to display the vehicle licence number, ‘Wakefield Authority’ and the wording ‘pre-booking only’. The current policy requiring screen visors will remain in place.

A decision is yet to be made on the new proposals but is likely to be discussed further and concluded in future licensing meetings to take place over the coming weeks.


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