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New research from ride-hailing app Bolt reveals what a post-COVID restriction Saturday looks like

Image credit: Bolt

Revellers in the North East have the most staying power when it comes to a weekend night out on the town, according to new research by ride-hailing app Bolt.

The survey of 2,000 adults aged 18-45 reveals what makes the ultimate Saturday night for Brits around the country now that lockdown restrictions have eased.

A typical Saturday night out in the UK lasts five hours - starting at 7pm and ends at midnight – but nights out in the North East stretch out the longest, ending at 2am on average.

The average spend nationwide is £65.20, with Londoners unsurprisingly revealed to be the biggest spenders, averaging £83.10. Those in the South West spend the lowest at £49.50.

Clubbing was revealed to be the most common night out in the North East. However, the rest of the country puts their bellies before their dancing shoes on a typical night out, with the most popular Saturday night activity being restaurant dining or going to a pub for drinks and something to eat.

Londoners are least likely to go to a pub and enjoy an eclectic repertoire of Saturday night activities. Bingo, bowling, cinema, concerts, karaoke and live comedy are more popular here than anywhere else in the UK.

According to the research, our night out companions are most likely to be a partner. But surprisingly, the Irish are most likely to spend their Saturday with random people they met on the night (6%). Interestingly women say they are more likely to spend their Saturday night with their partner than men (43% versus 33%).

Spirits are the nation’s favourite tipple (47%), followed by cocktails (40%) and beer (36%). However nearly a third opt for soft drinks while 10% opt for non-alcoholic beer and 12% go for mocktails.

Londoners are also most likely to raise an alcohol-free glass with one in four here opting for alc-free beer while one in five go for mocktails. However, they love their bubbles in the capital too - prosecco and champagne are more popular here than in any other region. Shots and cocktails are biggest in the West Midlands, while a simple pint is most likely to be ordered in the North East.

A pampered 58% in the Midlands opt for a taxi to get them door-to-door compared to the national average of 49%. Walking is the second most popular mode of transport nationwide (23%).

While Bolt driver data shows a significant increase in Saturday night travel since restrictions eased (40%), the research also revealed that the pandemic has made us rethink our social plans.

Nearly a third say they are now more cautious about socialising in crowded places, and mixing with others, while a homely 28% say they’ve learnt to love Saturday nights at home during the restrictions so don’t think they’ll go out as much. A similar number admit they’d rather have one special night out a month instead of lots of evenings out.

Sam Raciti, Bolt’s UK General Manager, comments: “The pandemic pressed a big reset button on people’s preferences and behaviours for the mighty Saturday night out across our nation.

“Our ride-hailing data has shown that there’s a lot of pent-up demand for mingling with others and socialising now restrictions have eased and it's fascinating to see what the ultimate itinerary in each region consists of. Bolt’s mission is all about connecting people to places and moments in real life and we’re excited to continue our expansion to ten UK cities by the end of the year.”


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