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New research reveals UK’s top eight ‘SAFEST’ locations to get a taxi or minicab

Cambridge has ranked highest as the safest UK location to get a taxi or minicab based on a list of safety criteria set in a new research report.

Huddersfield, London and Bradford scored highly in a separate list of locations with the most available taxi and private hire vehicles (PHV) available per person.

New research from Get Licensed revealed the top eight safest towns and cities in the UK to get a taxi or minicab after looking at factors including whether vehicles had CCTV fitted, audio recording capabilities and minimum safety standards.

Cambridge ranked as the safest for taxis and minicabs in the UK, receiving a Safety Score of 6 out of a possible 7. Unlike most of the UK, CCTV is a requirement in Cambridge. Taxi vehicles are required to have windows that allow light to pass through, enabling passengers to be seen by passers-by and must also undergo a DBS check.

The UK’s top 8 safest locations to get a taxi included:

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Huddersfield has the most taxis and PHVs available per head, with 11.86 vehicles for every 1,000 people. This was seen to make getting home much easier and removes the need to walk home after a night out on the town.

The UK’s top 10 locations with the most available taxis and minicabs were:

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