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New ride-sharing app Ola is about to launch in London going head to head with Uber

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Indian born ride-sharing app Ola will officially launch in London on Monday 10 February, according to a report by the Evening Standard.

The firm will look to go head-to-head with its biggest rival, Uber, who are currently appealing a decision made by Transport for London to deny a new operating licence due to a number of safety concerns.

Ola has spent the past few months promoting the possibilities of joining the tech firm as a driver, and can now boast around 20,000 on demand drivers registered on the platform.

Drivers working for Ola will benefit from a 'zero commission' period, which is said to last for the first six weeks.

The company will have two categories for passengers to choose from, with one being a standard four-seater sedan style vehicle - the type already used by Uber.

The firm is unable to confirm how many of its drivers will be working solely on their platform, with many likely to be signed with at least one of their rivals.

Transport for London have granted a 15 month licence to Ola, which will need renegotiating before the end of 2020.

Image credit: Ola Media


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