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New Royal Sussex Hospital road layout sparks taxi driver concerns and worries for immobile patients

A new road layout behind the Royal Sussex Hospital has sparked complaints from taxi drivers who say it will affect their customers and their business.

The road, which used to be one-way during construction work, has now reverted to two-way traffic, but the western end has been closed off.

This means that taxis can no longer drop off or pick up passengers at the entrance of the Millennium Wing, which serves elderly and immobile patients. Instead, they have to use the nearby car park, which is about 100m away and often congested.

Taxi drivers say this will increase fares and inconvenience patients who may already be stressed or in pain. They also fear getting fined for using the closed road, which is monitored by security cameras.

According to Brighton and Hove News, Andrew Peters, Brighton and Hove Cab Trade Association, said: “This needs a rethink to have a dedicated drop-off and pick-up point for taxis to assist people when all they want to do is get to their appointment on time, or get home with any fuss.”

He added that no consultation or consideration was given to the taxi trade or the patients by the hospital or the council.


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