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New Taxi Butler PRO 3 device set to launch in hotels, bars and restaurants

Image credit: Taxi Butler

Taxi Butler, a global taxi booking solution firm for hotels, bars and restaurants, have announced the launch of its new taxi booking device, the PRO 3.

The new Taxi Butler PRO 3 will allow venues to book taxis with local taxi fleets at the press of a button. The new touchscreen device has a 5" touchscreen and is Wi-Fi enabled. The PRO 3 comes fully equipped with Live Price Estimations, instant and pre-booking capabilities, Smart Destination Suggestions and the ability for passengers to track their taxi using a QR code.

Venues will be able to add passenger details like their name and phone number, whilst venue staff can also choose from an unlimited number of taxi types, configured by taxi companies themselves to reflect their fleet.

Alongside advanced capabilities, the PRO 3 will also allow venues to book taxis with local taxi fleets instantly in just one click. The new taxi booking device maintains the simple and one-click booking feature that users of Taxi Butler are already familiar with.

A ‘Live Price Estimations’ function will mean venue staff can communicate to passengers an estimate of the fare price before confirming the booking. In addition to this, users can book, manage and cancel bookings on behalf of their guest's thanks to the touch screen interface. The PRO 3 also features live ETA updates, so if the taxi is running a little late, the ETA is automatically updated to reflect this.

Other features will include the passenger's ability to track taxis in real-time thanks to QR code taxi tracking and also the new product will help venues place bookings with fleets even faster.

Taxi Butler will showcase all of their taxi booking devices which also includes Taxi Butler ONE and Taxi Butler PRO, whilst also launching the new PRO 3 at the PHTM Expo between 14-15 September 2021.


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