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New Wakefield taxi charter will improve transport says GMB Union

A new taxi charter adopted by Wakefield Council will pave the way for better transport in the city, says GMB Union.

The charter received national endorsement at GMB’s congress in Harrogate this week. GMB has now agreed with Wakefield Council to build a new consultation framework for drivers enabling the union and the local authority to review all licensing policy.

Drivers are concerned about a new licensing suitability and conviction policy that came into force across the entire Yorkshire region in 2020 – but the effects of which were only felt now as business picked up post-pandemic.

Changes included much stricter punishments for drivers for minor offences - while drivers accept the need to improve passenger safety, there was a lot of criticism about the lack of consultation and what has been seen as a disproportionate and unfair way in which sanctions were set out.

Peter Davies, GMB Senior Organiser, said: “Our members are always keen to improve taxi services and especially when it comes to the safety of their passengers.

“That’s why we have set out a new taxi charter to help us work with councils to achieve that in a constructive way that takes the welfare and living standards of drivers into full account too.

“But all improvements must be agreed, driver input is vital in that process, as is the public’s.

“That's been somewhat lacking in the past three years and this new agreement goes a long way to putting that right.

“I want to extend my appreciation to Wakefield Council as they become the first local authority to endorse the charter and agree full policy reviews this year, something the GMB are now asking for in all Yorkshire local authorities.”


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