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Newcastle-under-Lyme taxi fares set to surge by 25% due to rising operational costs

Newcastle-under-Lyme taxi fares are poised for a sharp increase, with some journeys potentially costing almost a quarter more than current rates.

This hike is primarily attributed to escalating operating expenses faced by drivers.

During a daytime trip, the cost for a two-mile journey in a Hackney carriage will jump by 24.3%, escalating from £5.55 to £6.90. Similarly, the rate for the same distance at night will see an increase of 18.2%, rising from £7.40 to £8.75.

This fare revision was agreed upon in a recent council meeting held on 29 April. However, the changes will first undergo a consultation phase before they are formally approved by the council’s cabinet.

Additionally, there will be an adjustment in the timing of the evening tariff, which will now begin at 11pm instead of midnight. Despite some proposals for an earlier start at 10pm to align with nearby Stoke-on-Trent, this suggestion was not adopted.

Moreover, the soiling charge, imposed for excessive uncleanliness, is set to increase from £60 to £80.

Previously recognised for having some of the cheapest black cab fares in the UK, Newcastle-under-Lyme ranked 328th out of 344 areas. With the proposed new fare structure, it would rise to approximately 184th, marking a significant shift in its pricing standing.


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