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Newport taxi drivers will take to the streets demanding Council hands back vital rank space

Newport taxi drivers will be taking to the streets today demanding vital rank space be handed back.

Unite Wales argue that Newport City Council (NCC) have ‘snatched’ taxi ranks away from working cabbies, leaving just five spaces for 100 licensees in the area.

Officials from the union say they have tried to engage with the authority to address the matter of taxi rank capacity for a number of months, but little progress has been made.

Representatives go on to say that they believe NCC are not considering taxis as public transport.

As a result of the dispute, Newport taxi drivers will conduct a drive-by protest at 4pm today to vent their frustrations. The protest is set to start at Newport Train Station and end at the city’s Civic Centre.

Taxi drivers are asking NCC to provide ranks for at least 15 taxis along with areas to safely drop passengers off at:

  • Corn Street

  • Bridge Street / Cambrian Road night rank

  • Queensway night rank

  • Newport Train Station.

A Unite Wales spokesperson said: “Newport taxi drivers will conduct a driving protest tomorrow at 4pm over increasing frustrations about a lack of rank spaces, after changes to Corn St/Upper Dock St ranks.

”As Covid restrictions lift, drivers opportunities to earn must be maximised as they look to recover losses.“


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