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Newport taxi reported for insecure passenger seats on bizarre day of vehicle checks

Updated: May 24, 2022

Image credit: DVSA Enforcement

A Newport City Council taxi was reported for insecure passenger seats after a bizarre day of vehicle checks.

In a joint operation involving DVSA Enforcement and Newport City Council, several defects to local taxi and private hire vehicles were found. Those included problems with tyres, suspension and loose passenger seats.

Most surprising though was a recovery truck that turned up to recover one of the licensed vehicles. Officers were quickly interested in a number of obvious defects showing on the red and white truck. Upon further inspection officers were shocked to discover leaking brakes.

DVSA Enforcement said via social media: “The team recently inspected taxis with Newport City Council licensing officers

“Defects including tyres, suspension and passenger seats insecure.

“A recovery truck turned up to recover one vehicle…obvious defects were seen and on closer inspection, leaking brakes discovered too!”


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