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NHS nurse left in tears after Uber allegedly charged £152 for fare which was previously quoted £60

An NHS nurse has been left in tears after she was allegedly charged £152 for a trip in an Uber which she had previously been quoted £50-60 for.

According to a Twitter post from someone defending the NHS nurse, the unnamed woman had originally been quoted £30-40 for a trip from Edinburgh to Dunfermline, which was then increased to £50-60.

But according to the tweet, the woman was then charged £152 from her account after completing the journey.

The tweet reads: "After Uber grand gesture at Xmas, NHS nurse was quoted a price - Edinburgh to Dunfermline £30-40, then was told it had increased £50-60.

"She then got the Uber this morning and they have debited her PayPal £152! Absolutely scandalous. Daylight robbery!"

Ali, who was left outraged by the charge, said: "The initial cost was less than other local taxis. She normally travels by train but had no alternative to start a 12 hour shift at 8:30."

Ali went on to confirm that the woman has two small children and has now spent more to get to work on that day than she actually earned for the whole shift.

TaxiPoint has approached Uber for comment.


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