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NO CASH, NO CAB: Redditch cabbie allegedly leaves lone woman facing ‘obscene’ remarks from men

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

A taxi driver in Redditch who allegedly left a lone female facing catcalls and ‘obscene’ remarks from a group of men because she didn’t have cash was lambasted on social media this week.

The woman posted an account of the incident, which took place earlier this week, after the cabbie refused to accept card payment to take the woman safely home.

The unnamed women said via Facebook’s Spotted:Redditch page: “I was waiting for a taxi on Unicorn Hill this evening and various men were shouting obscene things at me as a female alone.

"The taxi driver asked me if I knew the men, I told him no. He then told me if I wanted to get in his car is would be £10 plus an extra £2 if I didn’t have cash. I asked him to drive me home because I didn’t feel safe, and without the cash he would not do so.

“I appreciate the cost of fuel is high but I was happy and willing to pay by card - it doesn’t take a genius to see someone who does not feel comfortable. A bit of common decency would have gone a long way.

“I cannot believe any human being would have left anyone, male or female, in that situation when all it takes is a bit of common courtesy.”

Many people responding to the post called the driver ‘disgusting’, however many questioned the actions of the group of men in the first place.

It is unclear why the driver refused to accept the fare AFTER originally quoting a price for both cash and card payment which included surcharges.


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