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‘NO EXCUSE FOR THAT’: Legal action looms for licensed cab driver operating with illegal tyres

Updated: Jan 3

Image credit: Liverpool City Council Licensing

A private hire vehicle driver is likely to face legal action after Liverpool enforcement officers detected a licensed vehicle with THREE illegal tyres.

Liverpool City Council’s Licensing Officers conducted a thorough inspection of licensed private hire vehicles in the city centre, uncovering a shocking disregard for legal tyre standards.

The Liverpool City Council Licensing team took to social media to announce the findings of their recent operation. Among various issues found, the officers identified a licensed vehicle operating with not one, but three illegal tyres.

A spokesperson sternly remarked that "legal action is to follow as there is no excuse for that", highlighting the severity of the offence and the council's commitment to upholding high safety standards. The operation led to several vehicles receiving defect and suspension notices.

Image A Liverpool City Council Licensing spokesperson said on social media: “Licensing Officers have been inspecting licenced vehicles operating in the City Centre tonight.

“A number of vehicles have been issued with defect and suspension notices, one vehicle for operating on three illegal tyres - legal action is to follow as there is no excuse for that!”


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