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NO SURGE LIKELY: Uber 'Black Cabs' to charge via the taxi meter price and include £2 ‘booking’ extra

Uber’s ‘Black Cabs’ offering will not likely be subjected to surge pricing, but instead follow the regulated metered amount.

In preparation for the launch, Uber said they worked with regulators Transport for London (TfL) to clarify pricing plans. As a result, users of the Uber app can now expect to receive an estimated price for their journey, based on calculations made around the taxi meter.

Once the journey is complete, taxi drivers will simply input the final fare as indicated on the meter.

Additionally, Uber will introduce a 'Booking Fee' of £2 on all digital bookings made through their platform. This fee enables operators to account for the booking process used to passengers. This fixed booking fee is currently under review by TfL as part of the industry's latest tariff review. Industry operators, now including Uber, who offer digital taxi booking services, are closely monitoring the outcome of the review, expected to be announced in Spring 2024.

Uber have now opened up taxi driver recruitment on to the platform ahead of an early 2024 launch to app users.

However, since their announcement, taxi drivers and industry representatives have expressed their strong opposition to the move, citing Uber's detrimental impact on their profession over the past decade since their arrival in 2012.


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