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North east Fife taxi drivers under fire after safety checks show worrying decline in standards

Taxi drivers in north east Fife have come under fire due to their alleged ‘atrocious’ standards, following inspections carried out by Fife Council inspectors.

The inspectors found various problems with the vehicles in question, such as excessive oil leaks, worn brakes pads, damaged seat belts, dented bodywork, insecure battery cables, and chipped windshields.

These problems were not resolved and councillors on the licensing and regulation committee expressed their disappointment in the decline of standards seen over the past year.

The council has plans to take action against the 31 operators identified, with random tests being carried out within six months to ensure public safety.

Last year, 95% of inspections found no issues, but this year, only 86% passed first time. The councillors stated that many of the issues with the vehicles should have been spotted by the operators or drivers during a simple walk around of the vehicle.

The vice-convener expressed her disappointment and noted that the council will be taking this issue very seriously.


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