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North Lanarkshire taxi fares set to increase amid rising operating costs

Taxi passengers in North Lanarkshire will soon face higher fares following a council decision to approve an increase in charges. This move aims to help taxi operators cope with the rising costs associated with running their vehicles.

From the forthcoming adjustment, the initial fare for the first 880 yards will see a 40p increase, moving from £2.60 to £3. Additionally, fees for taxis that are booked but subsequently not used will also see a hike.

This fare revision, endorsed by North Lanarkshire Council, emerged after consultations with the North Lanarkshire Joint Taxi Trade Association. The updated tariff cards are set to be distributed before 1 May, ensuring passengers are well-informed of the new rates.

The council's decision to recommend a 15% increase for short distances up to 880 yards from £2.60 to £3 comes in response to the financial pressures faced by taxi operators. These include the soaring cost of living, escalating fuel prices, the significant expense of vehicle replacement, rising insurance premiums, and the challenge of attracting new drivers to the taxi trade.

The council routinely reviews taxi fares every 18 months. This recent uplift in fares is a strategic response to the increased operational costs confronting taxi operators, aimed at sustaining the viability of the taxi service within the region.


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