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North Yorkshire Council approves 5% increase on maximum taxi fares charged

North Yorkshire Council has approved a 5% increase in the maximum fare that taxis can charge.

In a move aimed at balancing the needs of the taxi industry with passenger affordability, North Yorkshire Council gave the green light on proposed changes to the Hackney Carriage Table of Fares during the Council's latest executive meeting held on 7 May.

The existing fare structure, effective since April 2023, has been under review due to multiple requests from the taxi industry. The Council compared local fare rates with those in neighbouring authorities and engaged with drivers, proprietors, and operators for feedback.

In a report discussed by the Executive Committee, most respondents agreed that the current flag fall rates should remain unchanged to avoid penalising short-distance travellers. However, there was a consensus on a need to slightly increase the running mile and waiting time rates by around 5% to cover increased operational costs.

For night-time rates, while some suggested these were too high, there was a proposal to extend the hours for higher tariffs. The new proposal adjusts the night-time fare hours from 10pm to 7am, previously 11pm to 6am, aiming to incentivise drivers to provide services during these less sociable hours.

The Council decided not to increase the fares for Christmas and New Year (Tariff 3), as they are already higher compared to other regions. For extra charges, the Council proposed increasing the call-out charge from £1 per mile to £1.50 per mile to encourage taxi services in rural areas. Additionally, a surcharge adjustment for carrying groups larger than four passengers was set at £2 per head, provided it is agreed upon at the time of hiring.

The adjustments in fare rates are expected to have a minimal financial impact on passengers while providing drivers the opportunity to earn a reasonable income, especially during late hours and in less accessible regions. These changes also align with the Council’s commitment to economic growth and public safety, ensuring that taxi services remain a reliable transport option.


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