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NOT A TAXI: Nottingham City Council prosecute FIVE drivers for illegally plying-for-hire

Nottingham City Council has successfully prosecuted four drivers for illegally plying for hire (IPFH) and driving without insurance this week.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Nottingham City Council Licensing confirmed the details of the convictions and penalties imposed on the offenders.

Three of the drivers faced fines of £1,213 each and were also given six penalty points on their driving licences.

The fourth driver, upon conviction, was fined £905 and received six penalty points on his driving licence.

Moreover, a separate driver faced prosecution for illegally plying for hire and was fined £367.

The prosecutions come as a result of a crackdown by the Nottingham City Council Licensing team, who have been actively monitoring the city's taxi industry to ensure compliance with regulations and protect the safety of passengers.

Illegal plying for hire poses a safety risk as it means unlicensed drivers are collecting passengers without the necessary checks and insurance, putting the public at potential risk.

A Nottingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said via social media: “Nottingham City Council has prosecuted 4 drivers for illegally plying for hire (IPFH) and no insurance. 3 were fined £1,213 and 6 penalty points and the 4th was fined £905 and 6 penalty points. Another driver was prosecuted for IPFH and fined £367.”


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