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‘NOTHING WAS COMING’: Lancashire Police reports red light running reckless taxi driver

Image credit: Lancashire Police Roads

Lancashire Police Roads unit has taken swift action against a taxi driver spotted running red lights in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The incident, captured by Team4RPU, involved the taxi being driven with a red light displayed at the front and subsequently ignoring a red traffic light. The driver's justification for this dangerous behaviour was reportedly "nothing was coming".

Local authorities have taken the matter seriously, with a spokesperson from Lancashire Police Roads issuing a statement alongside an image of the white Mercedes taxi via social media. They confirmed that offences have been reported and will be further investigated by the licensing officer.

A Lancashire Police Roads spokesperson said via social media: “Patrolling Poulton during the early hours this taxi was spotted by Team4RPU being driven with a red light shown to front.

“The driver was also seen to go through a red traffic light. The reason given for this “nothing was coming”

“Offences reported and report to licensing officer.”


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