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Nottingham City Council prosecutes PHV driver for illegal plying-for-hire and no insurance

Nottingham City Council has successfully prosecuted a private hire vehicle (PHV) driver for engaging in illegal plying-for-hire activities and driving without insurance.

According to a spokesperson from Nottingham City Council Licensing, the PHV driver has been fined a total of £1,220 and received 8 penalty points on his licence.

Illegal plying-for-hire, which involves accepting passengers without pre-booking and picking up fares on streets or other unlicensed locations, undermines the established licensing system and poses a significant risk to public safety. By cracking down on drivers who engage in these practices, Nottingham City Council aims to protect passengers.

A Nottingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “Nottingham City Council has prosecuted a PHV driver for illegally plying-for-hire and no insurance. He was fined a total of £1,220 and 8 penalty points on his licence.”


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