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Nottingham PHV driver prosecuted for illegally plying-for-hire and lack of insurance

Nottingham City Council has taken decisive action against a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) driver found illegally plying-for-hire.

According to a statement released on social media by a council licensing spokesperson, the driver faced prosecution for illegally plying-for-hire (IPFH) and operating without proper insurance.

The court's verdict resulted in a £184 fine for the driver, alongside an endorsement of 8 penalty points on his DVLA driving licence, highlighting the seriousness with which local authorities address the issue in the sector.

Understanding Plying-for-Hire

Plying-for-hire refers to the practice where a taxi or vehicle is made available for immediate hire, seen waiting at taxi ranks or being hailed on the streets. This privilege is exclusively reserved for licensed hackney carriage taxis, which are subject to rigorous checks and regulations. These taxis can legally park on designated ranks and be flagged down by passengers on the streets. The distinction is critical, as it ensures that only vehicles and drivers that have met specific safety and regulatory standards can offer immediate transport services to the public.

The Exclusive Right of Hackney Carriages

Hackney carriage taxis are distinguished from Private Hire Vehicles by their ability to ply for hire directly from the street. This is a key feature of their service, allowing them flexibility and availability that is crucial in urban mobility. To maintain this privilege, hackney carriages undergo stringent testing for roadworthiness, and their drivers are subject to background checks, ensuring safety and reliability for passengers.

The licensing regime for hackney carriages is more comprehensive compared to PHVs, which are typically booked in advance and cannot legally pick up passengers without a prior booking.

A Nottingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said via social media: “Nottingham City Council has prosecuted a PHV driver for IPFH and no insurance.

“He was fined £184 and his DVLA driving licence endorsed with 8 penalty points.”


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