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Nottingham PHV driver's licence suspended for illegal plying for hire

A Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) driver in Nottingham has faced a suspension of his driver's licence following a conviction for illegally plying for hire.

This announcement was made by a spokesperson for the Nottingham City Council Licensing authority through social media.

The driver, who held a combined driver's licence issued by Nottingham City Council, has been suspended for a period of 12 weeks. This suspension comes as a direct consequence of the driver's illegal activities, which contravened the regulations governing private hire operations.

Illegally plying for hire is a serious offence in the private hire industry. It involves a PHV driver picking up passengers without a pre-booking, an act reserved solely for licensed hackney carriages. This practice not only undermines the legal taxi services but also poses significant safety risks to the public, as such journeys are not recorded or insured.

A Nottingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said via social media: “A Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) driver who was convicted of illegally plying for hire, has now had his Nottingham City Council combined driver's licence suspended for 12 weeks.”


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