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‘NOW EASIER’: Ex-London taxi drivers urged to re-apply ‘no matter how long it’s been’

Ex-London taxi drivers are being urged to contact Transport for London (TfL) to arrange an interview to re-apply for their licence ‘no matter how long it’s been’.

Wizann, one of the capital’s biggest Knowledge of London (KOL) schools, posted the message to the cabbie community on social media. The KOL school has revealed that the process of returning is ‘now easier’ than before.

The message follows news that an increasing number of former London taxi drivers are looking for a way back into the trade after letting their licences expire.

Recently the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) revealed a significant number of drivers who left the taxi industry during the coronavirus pandemic, have now returned due partly to demand bouncing back rapidly.

This week a Wizann spokesperson said via Twitter: “Let your taxi license lapse? No matter how long it’s been, it’s now easier to get it back.

“You’ll be asked to show a working knowledge and understanding of current road layouts, but not be tested to the standard of a knowledge student.

“Contact TfL for an interview and arrange a test.”


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