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NSL test failures for London black taxis due to font size on insurance certificates

Some black taxis in London are failing the National Standards for Licensing (NSL) tests due to the size of font on their insurance certificates.

This issue was brought to attention by Lloyd Baldwin, the Executive SO at Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA). Black taxis in London are required by Transport for London (TfL) to display a valid insurance certificate prominently to passengers.

The certificate is typically found framed in the front luggage compartment next to the driver. However, recent reports suggest that some certificates have failed to meet the font size requirements, leading to difficulties during NSL tests.

Speaking on the matter, Baldwin said that although it is the responsibility of the insurance companies to provide correct certificates, it is essential for taxi drivers to ensure the accuracy and compliance of their insurance certificate. He further highlighted that while major cab trade insurance companies are aware of this requirement and have taken appropriate measures, non-specific cab trade insurance providers seem to be unaware of this particular specification.

Baldwin advised all taxi drivers to double-check their insurance certificates when renewing their policies to ensure that they fulfill the TfL's font size requirement. By doing so, drivers can avoid potential failures during NSL tests and subsequent inconvenience to both themselves and passengers.

The LTDA, in collaboration with TfL, aims to raise awareness among taxi drivers and insurance companies regarding this specific requirement.

Lloyd Baldwin, Executive SO at Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), said: “I am getting the odd report that cabs are being failed at NSL tests because of the size of font on the cab’s insurance certificate, that we must all place in the cab.

“It is technically the responsibility of your insurance company to supply you with the correct certificate, but if you are going up, make sure yours is correct. I believe that the major cab trade insurance companies have this under control but the ones which are not cab trade specific don’t seem to be aware of this requirement. So, when you renew your policy make sure they are aware and it’s all correct.”


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