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OFF THE ROAD: London taxi drivers reporting TX4 parts shortages

London's taxi drivers are grappling with a shortage of TX4 black cab parts, causing difficulties in maintaining their vehicles, according to an industry insider.

The situation has led drivers to explore alternative options, with some considering upgrading to the new LEVC TX sooner than anticipated.

The shortage of essential parts, including front bumpers, turbos, and differentials, has prompted concern among taxi drivers. Many have reached out to industry representatives, enquiring whether fellow drivers are also experiencing difficulty sourcing these specific components.

While the exact cause of the parts shortage remains unclear, the consequences are evident on the streets of London. As drivers are forced to wait for extended periods to obtain the necessary parts, some have been left with no choice but to temporarily take their cabs off the road.

Faced with mounting frustrations and indefinite delays, a growing number of taxi drivers are re-evaluating their options. Some have decided to cut their losses by retiring their older diesel cabs and investing in the newer electric LEVC TX model.

The scarcity of black cab parts serves as another stark reminder of the ongoing challenges facing London's taxi trade.


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