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Oldham welcomes £1 Million Ultra-Rapid EV charging hub at Gateway Centre

Image credit: Be.EV

In a significant boost to electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, Oldham's Gateway Centre has unveiled a new ultra-rapid charging hub, courtesy of a £1 million collaboration with Manchester's Be.EV charging network.

The hub, now operational, boasts 16 ultra-rapid charging bays, positioning it as one of the most extensive facilities of its kind in Greater Manchester. Shoppers at the Gateway Centre, including visitors to Aldi & B&M Home Stores, can enjoy the convenience of charging their EVs just a stone's throw from the shops. The facility allows drivers to easily check their vehicle’s charging status via a mobile device through a QR code system.

Situated in a prime location off Chadderton Way and under a mile from Oldham city centre, the charging hub is set to serve the 120,000 residents of Oldham, enhancing the local EV charging infrastructure. With an average of 27,000 cars passing by daily and only six other ultra-rapid chargers within a two-mile radius, the new hub is a critical development for commuters and the local community alike.

The site's advanced Kempower chargers are equipped with innovative load balancing technology, ensuring efficient power distribution among vehicles. This smart system allows for a dynamic adjustment of energy supply, maximizing charging efficiency. Capable of delivering up to 150kW, these chargers can provide 125 miles of range in just 15 minutes - a game-changer for shoppers accustomed to longer charging times.

This installation not only marks a significant step towards cleaner air in Oldham but also reflects a 38% increase in the town's ultra-rapid charging capacity. By making affordable charging more accessible, particularly to those in nearby underprivileged areas, and leveraging renewable energy from Octopus Energy, Be.EV and the Gateway Centre are steering Oldham towards a greener future.

Be.EV, which operates the largest public EV charging network in Greater Manchester, offers discounted rates to its members, although the facilities are available for all to use. This move is seen as pivotal in Oldham's journey towards establishing a fully green transport system, aligning with broader environmental goals.

Be.EV CEO Asif Ghafoor said: “We are putting significant investment into Oldham. These Kempower chargers are really cutting edge, and unlike lamppost chargers we’ll still be using these in 20 years or more. 


“It’s a charging hub that responds to the needs of shoppers and the community - take a look at the future of EV charging. With drivers able to browse the nearby shops whilst their vehicle is plugged in, this site offers so much more than just functional, fast charging. 


“It shows how with the help of private partners we can spur the transition to electric vehicles and clean our cities up.”


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