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ONE TRACK MINDED: Motorist follows Google Maps straight onto tram track in Wolverhampton

Image credit : Twitter @BTPblackcountry - remixed

A motorist following Google Maps ended up parked on tram tracks in Wolverhampton, it has been reported.

The driver, who had just recently passed their driving test, ended up stopped on the tracks at The Royal on the night of Wednesday, 9 February.

Services between Wolverhampton St Georges and The Royal were significantly disrupted - with trams unable to run for almost three hours.

British Transport Police Black Country tweeted the morning after: "Last night officers attended an incident where a driver followed Google Maps directly on to the @WMmetro tracks, causing significant damage and disruption to services."

An image was shared by the police on Twitter, which showed the vehicle, a Nissan Juke, on the tracks.


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