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Onlookers shocked by London bus WEDGED on traffic island next to Euston Station taxi rank

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Image credit: David Lambert

A London bus driver was ridiculed by onlookers after getting wedged on a taxi rank traffic island outside Euston Train Station.

Taxi drivers waiting on the rank on Tuesday watched in horror as the iconic red bus tried to take on the black cab rank. The tight turning, which is easy for black cabs due to their superior turning circles, snared the bus and it was trapped between a tree and safety railing.

Photos taken by London cabbie David Lambert show the bus approaching the turn before getting stuck. The bus eventually wiggled free and is then shown queuing up on the Euston taxi rank.

It is unknown whether the bus was damaged or why the bus had entered the taxi drop-off and pick-up area.

One cabbie said: “How does this even happen!”

HS2 recently notified Transport for London (TfL) of works that are set to take place on Euston Road from 20 February. There were also separate weekend closures of Euston Bus Station on 3-5 February and 10-12 February. This is to allow for works to widen the junction between the bus station and Eversholt Street, in preparation for the relocation of the taxi rank at Euston.

Image credit: David Lambert


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