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Only 13 out of 41 taxis and PHVs checked in Cardiff were clear of ROADWORTHINESS DEFECTS

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Image credit : DVSA

A taxi and private hire roadside checks operation by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency in Cardiff resulted in a number of reported offences.

In total, 41 cabs were checked for defects, with only 12 completely clear of roadworthiness defects, according to the DVSA.

Using Facebook to highlight the checks, a spokesperson for the DVSA said: "At a taxi operation in Cardiff we checked 41 vehicles with our road safety partners.

"Only 13 vehicles were completely clear of roadworthiness defects."

A picture of one of the tyres found to be unroadworthy was posted by the DVSA.

The spokesperson said: "This tyre is worn below the legal minimum tread depth for this vehicle (1.6mm). The structural cords are also visible and damaged making this tyre dangerous.

"Checking your vehicle's tyres should be included as part of a walk around check."

The DVSA confirmed they are planning more checks to "protect the travelling public, to help make every journey safer".


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