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Out-of-area private hire driver fined for smoking and reported for vehicle defects

Image credit: Liverpool City Council Licensing

Liverpool City Council's Licensing Officers have taken action against an out-of-area working private hire vehicle (PHV) driver for smoking inside his vehicle, a move that further unveiled several vehicle defects during an inspection.

The incident, which highlighted the council's commitment to enforcing both local and cross-border licensed vehicles, resulted in the driver facing penalties for both the smoking offence and the identified vehicle issues.

Upon investigation, the officers issued a defect notice to the driver, alongside reporting him for the smoking offence.

The silver Vauxhall Corsa was licensed outside of Liverpool. This finding is likely to further prompt discussions on the complexities of cross-border licensing and enforcement within the private hire industry.

A Liverpool City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “Licensing Officers had cause to speak to the driver of this PHV due to him smoking inside the vehicle.

“However, on inspection of the vehicle, a number of defects were also discovered. Driver is to be reported for the smoking offence as well as being issued with a defect notice.”


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