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‘OUTRAGEOUS AND TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE’: Liverpool licensing officers report out-of-area PHV for shocking tyres

Image credit: Liverpool City Council Licensing

Liverpool City Council's Licensing team suspended a Bury Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) found operating within the city with severely worn front tyres.

The discovery revealed tyres so deteriorated that the internal cords were exposed, posing a significant risk to public safety.

A spokesperson from Liverpool City Council expressed strong disapproval of the condition of the vehicle, stating that it was "outrageous, dangerous and totally unacceptable". The driver is set to be reported for the offences.

The incident has prompted further scrutiny of vehicle standards among private hire operators, reinforcing the necessity of regular maintenance checks to ensure compliance with safety regulations. The Licensing authorities have shared images of the defective tyres to highlight the severity of the neglect.

A Liverpool City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “A Bury Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) operating in Liverpool was discovered to have these tyres on the front of his vehicle.

“Vehicle suspended and driver to be reported for the offences - outrageous, dangerous and totally unacceptable!!!”


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