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OVERCHARGED: Birmingham PHV driver caught plying-for-hire and charging THREE TIMES the value of a fare

A private hire vehicle (PHV) driver in Birmingham faced legal repercussions for unlawfully picking up an unbooked passenger and charging them an exorbitant fare THREE TIMES over the normal value.

The Birmingham City Council Licensing spokesperson provided an update outlining the details of the case, underscoring the council's commitment to ensuring the safety and fair treatment of passengers via social media.

The spokesperson revealed that the driver, who appeared in court last week, was found guilty of illegally picking up a passenger without a prior booking. This action not only breached the regulations set for PHVs but also invalidated the driver's insurance. It was also revealed that the driver was accused of overcharging the passenger, demanding a fare three times the standard rate.

The court, taking a stern view of these violations, imposed a series of penalties on the driver. These included a substantial fine of £900, a victim surcharge of £360, and an order to pay £50 in compensation. In addition to these financial penalties, the driver was also burdened with legal costs amounting to £1,800.

Perhaps the most significant repercussion was the handing down of a six-month driving ban.

The Birmingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “Driver in Court last week - illegally picked up an unbooked passenger. Overcharged the passenger (x3!) invalidated his insurance

“Ordered to pay: a fine of £900, £360 victim surcharge and £50 compensation. Costs of £1,800 PLUS 6 month driving ban. Get caught go to court.”


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