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‘PASSENGERS NOT HAPPY, CABBIES NOT HAPPY’: Jason Manford berates Euston Taxi Rank design

Image credit: Google Maps / @Tom_the_Cabbie (Twitter)

Comedian and presenter Jason Manford berated the designer of the Euston Train Station taxi rank over its poor design that leaves both cab drivers and passengers frustratingly waiting in long queues.

The Salford-born comic took to social media to share his opinion on the rank, which prompted many licensed taxi drivers to explain some of the issues they face when picking up and dropping off at Euston too.

Jason Manford said via Twitter: “Always this mad situation at Euston where there’s a massive queue of people AND a massive queue of cabs!

“Clearly been designed by someone who doesn’t actually use public transport! Passengers not happy, cabbies not happy!


Taxi drivers highlighted the traffic light phasing to exit the taxi rank as a big issue, along with the slower traffic on Euston Road since the Streetspace cycle lanes were brought in.

A comment from ‘Kenny the Cabby’ was shared: “Why is it so impossible to admit that this scheme simply doesn’t work and desperately needs to revert back to its original layout?”

Simon Stanford also responded: “Main road from west end to Euston, Tottenham Court Road is closed to taxis.

“Lights at Euston Station, only let 3 taxis in and out, Euston underpass down to one lane, for unused cycle lane, all roads from Euston to King's Cross, closed to taxis.”

Another taxi driver also questioned the design of the rank for wheelchair users. Part of the rank pick-up allow users of taxis to enter on the driver's-side of the vehicle. However, wheelchair users requiring the use of a taxi ramp can only enter on the opposite side of the black cab.

George, a London cabbie and father of three, said: “Many reasons for this Jason. Euston road has a cycle lane making the underpass one lane - madness. So drivers me included are reluctant to run to Euston to serve the rank as it takes so long to get there.

“The design of the actual rank has always been pathetic. WC ramps on left”

During the recent Tube Strike action commuters endured a miserable ONE HOUR taxi rank wait at Euston.

Images of hundreds of people waiting in a taxi rank queue at Euston Train Station were shared. According to one cabbie picking up at the rank, his passengers waited an hour for a taxi to battle through congested Euston Station roads network.


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