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Patons Insurance gets a refreshed look with a new logo

Taxi insurance broker Patons Insurance (Part of the Patons Group) is celebrating over 50 years of serving the industry by expanding its services and creating a new look to help the modern taxi driver.

The Patons Group was founded by taxi driver John Paton in 1957 in Glasgow and the family business has been committed to helping the taxi industry ever since.

Highlights include the Founder, John Paton, & LTI team attending the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations at Buckingham Palace.

The company was also involved in two highly successful campaigns which increased tourism within the Glasgow region - ‘Miles Better’ and ‘Glasgow’s Alive’. These accomplishments solidified Paton’s legacy and its commitment to the industry.

Since the 2010s, Patons Insurance has undergone significant national growth, acquiring three additional insurance brokers into the Patons Group. This expansion has resulted in a total of eight active insurance offices across the UK, with a long-term view to expand further. This effort aims to provide customers with more choice and a hassle-free experience throughout their insurance journey.

With this growth, Patons proudly unveils a new logo, drawing inspiration from a design from the 1980s (below). At a closer look, the blend of the 'J' and 'P,' incorporates the initials of its founders and gives the logo a contemporary feel.

Image credit: Patons Insurance

In addition to the logo, Patons recognised the need for clarity with its audience, and whilst creating the refreshed brand, an official proposition naturally started to take shape around the company. This proposition has been the fundamental driver of its decisions and behaviours since their inception:

Patons Insurance is an independent, specialist broker for people who drive for a living. We sell and manage policies from reliable insurers we know and trust.

Customers can pop into a local office, call on the phone, manage policies online or through our mobile app. We do it to give peace of mind and to keep our industry strong for years to come.

This approach shapes the way colleagues at Patons interact with its customers. Patons Insurance aims to be seen as the go-to broker for taxi drivers. It believes this goal can be achieved by fostering a collaborative space for its teams to deliver quality solutions to its thousands of customers across the UK.


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