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PAY TWICE: Taxi drivers warned to KEEP certificate when joining new regular DBS checking service

Taxi drivers have been warned to keep hold of their original DBS certificates, even when signing up to a new regular DBS checking service, or risk paying twice when renewing their taxi licences.

Licensing authorities recently introduced new criminal record checks every 6 months on taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers. It is widely recommended that all drivers sign up to the DBSUS (Disclosure and Barring Service Up Service) to streamline the process. By joining the service, it allows licensing authorities to run checks on individual driver records at regular intervals.

To join the automatic regular DBSUS, drivers must input valid payment details. Once subscribed, the £13 annual fee saves drivers time and money, but they must ensure card details do not expire and that the original certificates are kept.

Driver representatives from the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) have warned cabbies to keep an eye on these common mistakes.

Lloyd Baldwin, LTDA Executive S.O, said in Taxi Newspaper: “I am still seeing members encountering issues with the DBS check. Using shortened names when filling in the form is a common fault i.e. putting Steve instead of Stephen and Tom instead to Thomas. This can lead to the applications being denied.

“Another issue sometimes arises when you sign up to the yearly DBS update service. This is a great service, which can save you time and money and makes it much easier to renew in three years’ time. You must register for this service within 30 days of the date of issue of your DBS certificate. When you sign up, you also arrange a standing order for £13 a year to pay for it.

“The golden rule is that you must keep the original DBS certificate issued to you before you signed up to the Update Service. If you are using the update service you won't be given a new certificate every three years.

“Instead you will have to supply a copy of the original. If you have mislaid or lost that certificate, you will have to apply from scratch for a fresh one and go through the whole lengthy process again, despite having paid for the Update Service.

“Another problem arises when the bank card you used to register and pay the fee expires in the three-year period, so please keep an eye on that.”


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