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PEELING AND EXPOSED: Nottingham PHV found with dangerously worn tyre in spot check

Image credit: Nottingham City Council Licensing

A Nottingham private hire vehicle (PHV) was caught driving on a horrendous and dangerously worn tyre where the rubber was peeling and cords left exposed.

The licensed PHV was discovered operating with a severely compromised tyre during a routine spot check by the local Community Protection Taxi Enforcement Team. Images show the tyre was not only horrendously worn but was also in such a state that the rubber was peeling away, leaving the internal cords exposed.

This concerning discovery was made as part of ongoing efforts by Nottingham City Council's Licensing authorities to ensure the safety and reliability of all taxis and PHVs operating within the city. The vehicle's dire state prompted immediate action, with the driver being reported to both their licensing authority and Nottinghamshire Police.

A Nottingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “A spot check by Community Protections taxi Enforcement Team found a private hire vehicle (PHV) with an illegal tyre showing exposed core.

“Driver has been reported to their licensing authority and Nottinghamshire Police drivers are reminded to carry out daily checks on their vehicles.”


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