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Pendle Council gives green light to crackdown on poor taxi maintenance with new dedicated app checker

Updated: Mar 31

In a significant overhaul aimed at enhancing taxi safety, Pendle Council has introduced a series of rigorous new measures designed to tackle the persistent issue of vehicle failures during spot checks.

The comprehensive report, dated 21 March 2024, was given the green light by Councillors as they look to elevate standards within the taxi industry.

The actions, outlined by the Assistant Director of Planning, Building Control, and Regulatory Services, respond to the alarming failure rates recorded during unannounced vehicle inspections. The report reveals a striking 58.3% failure rate across two spot checks conducted, highlighting the urgent need for intervention.

Key recommendations include maintaining the current frequency of vehicle testing, the introduction of a mandatory MOT test conducted by Council-approved garages, and stringent penalties for failures and non-compliance.

Most notably, in a bold move to modernise and enhance regulatory efficiency, the report advocates for the adoption of a dedicated app for daily vehicle checks, aimed at replacing paper records to prevent manipulation and ensure consistent compliance.

Operators will face heightened scrutiny, with a provision for licence review if 50% of their fleet fails checks within a year. Similarly, drivers will incur penalty points for failures, with the accumulation of points leading to a mandatory license review. The initiative also calls for enhanced training on vehicle maintenance and the use of the proposed app, ensuring that drivers are well-equipped to meet the new standards.

Pendle Council aims to support the trade through training and the gradual introduction of the app, balancing the cost implications against the critical need for public safety.


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