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Peterborough taxi operation crackdown: Two cabs seized, fraudulent licensing, and drivers suspended

Image credit: Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Over 40 taxis were halted by law enforcement officers in Peterborough conducting a series of spot checks at the weekend.

The operation, titled Operation Insured, involved collaboration between licensing officers from Peterborough City Council, vehicle examiners from the DVSA, and traffic cops. Their thorough inspection led to the discovery of various infractions, resulting in two vehicle seizures, fraudulent licensing, and a slew of warnings.

The event, conducted in the Millfield area, was intended to alleviate concerns surrounding public safety. With the enforcement teams working seamlessly, they swiftly identified serious violations within the taxi industry. Among the offences discovered were vehicles operating without proper insurance coverage, which led to the immediate seizure of two taxis.

Additionally, one vehicle was deemed to be in a dangerous condition, jeopardising both passengers and other road users. Authorities promptly addressed this issue, ensuring that the vehicle was taken off the road until appropriate repairs were made. The operation also revealed that one driver had crafted a counterfeit driving licence.

If that wasn’t enough, several drivers were also reported for tyres found to be below the legal limit. With road safety being paramount, these drivers were educated about the significant risks involved and warned to rectify the issue immediately. Officers suspended two licensed drivers due to violations of their licence terms.

Casualty Reduction Officer, PC Nick Southern, said: “The vast majority of taxi drivers are professionals and help keep the public safe by ensuring their vehicles are safe, a pre-booking for private hire is in place so if a collision does occur, the public are covered financially.

"I’m happy that the vast majority of drivers do exactly that, however some did not, so positive action has been taken."


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