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Petition launched to challenge local government's power to charge emissions fees to motorists

A petition has been launched to challenge local authorities' abilities to charge emissions fees to motorists driving in strict zones such as CAZ and the ULEZ areas in England.

The petition, which has now been signed by over 21,000 people and runs until May 2022, reads: "Local government should not have the power to introduce charges tied to public road usage and create charges for vehicle use that have a Certificate of Conformity, meaning that they comply with strict legislation regarding safety, emissions, etc. at the time of production.

"The buyer should have the right to use his vehicle on public roads without paying fees to various councils until it is no longer roadworthy or the UK government deems it otherwise."

Imants Kundzins, who launched the petition, believes local authorities should not have the power to charge or issue fines to motorists who fail to comply with these stricter new policies against, what are believed to be, some of the more polluting vehicles currently on UK roads, and he's not the only one. With over 21,000 signed up, the Government now has to respond to the petition.

The London ULEZ zone is the latest, and probably most prominent of all charge zones to expand, causing uproar with motorists and local residents, some of whom are being charged daily simply to leave their homes by car.

First launched in London on 8th April 2019, ULEZs are making their way into big cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Manchester's Clean Air Zone (CAZ) which is set to launch in May, has kicked up a storm, not just amongst general motorists, but also licensed taxi drivers who will also be charged if their vehicles do not meet the minimum requirements.

A backlash, highlighted in a recent consultation, has prompted officials to reassess what requirements and funding has been put in place, this time taking into account the impact of the pandemic. For more information on this, read our latest article on the URGENT REVIEW on Manchester CAZ.

As recently reported by TaxiPoint, a representative of Motorparks Volvo explains all about Ultra Low Emissions Zones, which can be somewhat complicating to those who are yet to be fully informed of the rules and regulations.

What is ULEZ?

As the name and acronym suggest, Ultra Low Emissions Zones are areas within cities in which both commuters and residents who drive need to meet specific emission standards. The scheme’s ultimate goal is to keep the air as clean as possible, while also enhancing citizens’ health.

In London, specifically, the ULEZ has been expanded significantly as of 25 October 2021. Initially limited to the more congested central areas of the capital, the original zone has become 18 times larger. The enlarged ULEZ now includes all routes within the South and North Circular Roads.

In order to journey through the ULEZ, you are required to drive a specific type of vehicle. In fact, only cars that meet the Euro 5 (petrol) and Euro 6 (diesel) standards are allowed to freely circulate inside this area. If you’re unsure if your car meets these standards, most cars registered after September 2015 should meet such requirements. Drivers who own an electric or hybrid vehicle needn’t worry either – you are good to go too. Although still far ahead, it is worth bearing in mind that hybrid standards are set to be tweaked in 2030.


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