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PHV driver banned for six-months after allowing unlicensed partner to drive car

A private hire vehicle (PHV) driver faced legal repercussions and a ban from driving after allowing his unlicensed partner to drive his vehicle.

The incident, which involved the partner driving the PHV without displaying the necessary plates, culminated in a hearing at North Somerset Magistrates' Court.

The unlicensed individual was penalised with 6 DVLA points and a £300 fine for their actions.

Despite pleading not guilty, the PHV driver was found guilty on several counts: permitting the use of a vehicle without insurance, allowing an unlicensed driver to operate his vehicle, and failing to display the required plates.

The court's decision resulted in the driver receiving a £602 fine, additional costs, 6 DVLA points, and a 6-month disqualification from driving due to already having 6 DVLA points on his licence.


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