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PHV driver parking on Birmingham taxi rank in hot water as officers spot shockingly worn tyres

Image credit: BCC Licensing (Twitter)

A private hire vehicle (PHV) driver parking on a busy Birmingham City Centre taxi rank found themselves in hot-water after enforcement officers spotted TWO illegally worn slick tyres.

Birmingham City Council (BCC) Licensing officers shared details and images on social media of two badly worn tyres found on the minicab. On both tyres large sections of white cords, usually hidden under the tyres rubber surface, were displayed.

The driver, parked on Birmingham’s Station Street taxi rank, was reported immediately and will receive six points on their driver's licence for the offence.

A BCC Licensing spokesperson said: “Licenced private hire driver cautioned for parking on a rank in Station street and reported for two bald tyres, so a quick pick up succeeded in picking up 6 points.”


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