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PHV driver reported for heavily tinted windows allowing just a QUARTER of light through

Image credit: Merseyside Traffic Police (Twitter)

A Merseyside private hire vehicle (PHV) was reported by police after they discovered window tints only allowing a quarter of the light through.

The minicab was pulled over on the M62 after its dark front windows raised suspicion.

Roadside test showed the windows only allowed 27% of light through which prompted police officers to report the driver. The driver was also told to remove the tints at a nearby services.

A Merseyside Traffic Police spokesperson said via social media: “This private hire taxi was stopped on the M62 after passing a patrol vehicle and the officer noted the particularly dark front window tints. A quick check showed just 27% of light was being let through. Driver reported and tints removed at services.”

Taxi drivers have called for a relaxation on strict vehicle window tinting rules to help drivers save money as part of new licensing guidance proposals.

The Government recently closed up a 12-week consultation to update vital Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) guidance supplied to local authorities to better cope with new digital ways of working following the boom in ride-hailing services.

Licensing authorities and vehicle owners are likely to seek a new set of licensing rules for taxi and private hire drivers which reduces the minimum light requirement of tinted windows.

Some licensing policies currently require rear windows to allow 70% light transmission (front windows have statutory requirements of 75% and 70%).

However, because many vehicles are now manufactured with rear window tints less than 70% as standard, there has been long term debate over whether to lower the minimum requirements to help cabbies save money on having to replace windows.


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