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PHV driver said he DIDN'T THINK IT WAS AN ISSUE to park on ZigZag lines while grabbing fast-food

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Image credit : Twitter @LancsRodPolice

A private hire driver in Nelson, Lancashire, has been slammed by officers from Lancashire Road Policing Team after being caught parked on zig zags next to a crossing.

The driver was issued a ticket for the offence and admitted that he didn't know it was an issue to park on the zigzag lines.

Zigzag lines should be kept clear of traffic at all times to prevent any visual obstruction for pedestrians using the crossing or for other motor users who should be looking for crossing pedestrians.

On this occasion the driver thought it was ok to leave his vehicle on the lines while he grabbed some fast food from a shop.

Using Twitter to highlight the offence, a spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: "The driver of this taxi [private hire car] in Nelson "just" stopped to get some food and didn't think there was an issue with parking on the zigzags by the crossing. Ticket issued."

Members of the public had their say on the issue, with one responding to the tweet: "Thanks for gripping him. Boils my blood when I see this, and yes, you see this a lot on Friargate Preston."

Another wrote: "You see this all the time, great you are taking enforcement action."

One Twitter user hit out at the lack of professionalism by the driver, saying: "Fantastic knowledge of the Highway Code there from a professional driver. Good job they're not tested on it to keep their licences."


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