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Police advise to avoid using a cab if the driver doesn't know the "local area" among other things

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Tavistock Police have reminded members of the public of safety measures they should consider before hailing a taxi or ordering a private hire vehicle.

Their first piece of advice if you’re thinking of getting a taxi or private hire vehicle home after a night out, is to make sure you use a licensed vehicle and driver.

Below is a checklist the force has posted to their official Facebook page for members of the public to consider:

  • West Devon licensed taxis have yellow plates on the rear of the vehicle, a licence card displayed in the windscreen and a taxi sign on the roof.

  • West Devon licensed private hire vehicles have white plates on the rear of the vehicle and a licence card displayed in the windscreen, but no taxi roof sign.

  • Licence plates tell you the licence number, vehicle registration, vehicle make and model, licence expiry date and number of passengers that can be carried.

  • West Devon licensed vehicles have stickers on the rear passenger windows so customers can take note of the licence details while they are travelling.

  • All West Devon licensed drivers have badges with their photograph, licence number and licence expiry date.

A spokesperson has said that before entering a taxi or private hire vehicle, the passenger should make a note of the licence plate and driver’s licence number, which could be sent to a friend or family member if they started to feel uneasy.

Passengers are also advised to sit in the back of the vehicle where possible and keep their mobile phone where it is accessible.

A spokesperson has comprised a list of reasons why someone should not use a taxi or private hire vehicle. Do not use a cab if:

  • You are not sure that it is a licensed vehicle.

  • The driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • The driver does not seem to know the local area.

  • The vehicle appears to be too old or in a state of disrepair.

  • You are uneasy for any reason.


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