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Police and council taxi spot checks uncover multiple issues in North East Lincolnshire

Updated: Jun 10

North East Lincolnshire Council’s licensing team, in collaboration with Humberside Police, recently conducted a series of spot checks on sixteen taxis.

The operation, aimed at ensuring the safety and compliance of taxi services, took place on the evening of Saturday 25 May.

The inspections focused on verifying drivers' licences, vehicle conditions, and adherence to safety regulations. Licensing teams scrutinised driver licences, insurance, and vehicle taxes, while police officers assessed tyres, lights, and overall vehicle condition.

The results of the spot checks revealed several issues:

  • One vehicle exhibited accident damage.

  • One vehicle was found to be very unclean.

  • One vehicle had a non-functioning roof light.

  • Another vehicle was also noted as unclean.

  • One driver lacked both a badge and a tariff card.

  • One driver received advice for parking with headlights on.

  • One driver was advised regarding a warning light on their dashboard.

The council’s licensing team plays a crucial role in maintaining taxi standards, issuing licenses to new and existing drivers, and conducting thorough checks to ensure roadworthiness. Regular roadside spot checks are performed throughout the year to maintain these standards.


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