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Police begin investigation as four youths on bikes spray CS substance at taxi driver in Coventry

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

A taxi driver was sprayed with an illegal substance believed to be CS spray as he was working in Coventry this morning.

West Midland Police officers are now investigating the incident, which happened in Coventry’s Woodway Lane, in Walsgrave.

Officers say four youths sprayed the substance through an open window of a taxi before cycling away from cab. The driver suffered irritation to the eyes and throat.

CS canisters are illegal in the UK and classed as a firearm.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said: "We've been made aware of an incident in Woodway Lane, Coventry just before 1am today (15 Aug) in which four lads on pedal bikes discharged a substance from a canister at a passing taxi driver. We suspect the substance was CS spray or similar.

“CS spray is classified as a firearm and is illegal to have in public. A window was open in the taxi and the driver suffered irritation to his eyes and throat but he wasn't seriously hurt. We're carrying out CCTV enquiries.

"Anyone who saw what happened or saw four youths on bikes together in the area are asked to get in touch. Please message us via live chat through our website and quote crime ref 20/726656/22."


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