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Police checking taxis and PHV’s on school runs uncover several issues in Settle and Skipton

North Yorkshire Police, alongside North Yorkshire Council's taxi licensing enforcement staff, conducted targeted checks focusing on taxis engaged in transporting schoolchildren in the Settle and Skipton area.

On Tuesday 30 April 2024, officers stopped seven taxis during the school run in Settle. The checks revealed multiple issues: drivers were found without their mandatory photo identification, several taxis lacked proper internal licence displays, and some vehicles had headlights that were not up to standard.

As a result of these findings, North Yorkshire Council is set to issue warning letters to four drivers. Additionally, certain vehicles are slated for future re-inspection. One driver was also reported for summons by the police for not wearing a seatbelt correctly, highlighting a concerning disregard for basic safety measures.

The operation extended to the Cross Hills and Skipton area, where a further five taxis were inspected and found to be compliant. However, other vehicles did not meet the required standards, with problems including damaged wing mirrors and worn tyres. These vehicles will receive further inspections, and several drivers will be issued warning letters.

Karl Battersby, North Yorkshire Council's corporate director of environment, said: "Our role as a local authority is to provide assurance to customers that taxis in the North Yorkshire area meet the requirements of the law and our agreed standards.

"This is especially significant where children are involved hence our close partnership with North Yorkshire Police."

Traffic Constable David Minto, North Yorkshire Police, said: “Operations such as these are crucial for road safety. Taxi licensing law is in place to provide assurance and security for paying passengers and other road-users.

“The initial focus of our operation was in the Settle area, and specifically during the time of the morning ‘school run’, where safety is of course paramount.

“Partnership working is critical to the success of these operations, to ensure safer roads, roadworthy vehicles and authorised drivers in North Yorkshire.”


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