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Police conduct joint taxi and PHV checks with Hyndburn, Wolverhampton and Blackburn authorities

In an effort to ensure the safety of taxi and private hire vehicle passengers, local Hyndburn neighbourhood policing officers, in collaboration with the Hyndburn Borough Council licensing office, carried out a ‘Taxi Safety Operation’ on Tuesday.

A total of 23 licensed vehicles, including those from Hyndburn, Wolverhampton, and Blackburn Borough Council, were subjected to thorough inspections during the operation.

During the operation, one taxi was served with an immediate prohibition notice due to serious safety concerns, prompting its immediate withdrawal from service. Another taxi received a 7-day delayed prohibition notice, indicating the need for repairs before it can resume operation. In both cases, the licences were suspended promptly to prevent any further risks to public safety.

In addition, a couple of taxis were issued with delayed prohibition notices, which require improvements to be made within a specified period. Furthermore, an improvement notice was issued to several other taxis, compelling them to address specific issues related to safety and maintenance.

Among the other infractions discovered, several drivers were cautioned for not wearing their driver's badges, a requirement for identifying licensed drivers.

A Hyndburn Police spokesperson said via social media: “The aim of the Operation is to make sure that the community we serve can travel safely within local taxis.

“Thank you for your continued support.”


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