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Police release CCTV footage of man hanging onto van bonnet after spike in delivery driver robberies

Image credit:Twitter-@WMPolice

West Midlands Police have released astonishing footage of a man clinging onto the front of his delivery van as robbers attempted to flee with the vehicle and its content.

A spokesperson for the force has said there has been an increase in robberies on such vehicles and have issued a warning to drivers and postal services to be alert.

With lockdown and restrictions enforced on the UK, many more people have turned to online services for purchases, meaning the delivery sector is one of the very few which has not been decimated by the pandemic.

Workers from other industries, such as the taxi and private hire trade, have looked to delivery driver work to fill a void left and bring in an income, meaning robbers have more targets to choose from.

A spokesperson for the police said: As we are in lockdown and using delivery services a lot more than normal, we are warning delivery drivers and postal services after a recent spike in robberies.

"We're doing all we can to reduce these crimes and find those responsible, but we need your help."

West Midlands Police have released the following advice for delivery drivers:

If you're delivering items such as:

  • online orders

  • takeaway food

Make sure you follow these top tips to help keep you safe while you're working:

  • be aware of vehicles following you and where you are.

  • if something does not look or feel right, do not make the delivery. Stay in your vehicle and report any suspicious activity to us or your employer.

  • do not leave your engine running or keys in the ignition when making a delivery. Make sure you remove your keys and lock your doors.

  • be aware of anyone acting suspiciously when you're in any delivery area.

  • think about fitting an approved vehicle tracker and install a dashcam.

  • if you're delivering take away food, ask for card payment where possible.


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