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Police seeking Northampton taxi driver who pulled 12-year-old girl out of cab and threw her to floor

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Police are investigating an assault on a taxi passenger after a Northampton cab driver pulled a 12-year-old girl out of the cab and threw her to the floor.

At around 5.50pm on Saturday 3 July, a woman and her two children aged six and 12 got into a white Hackney cab at Northampton train station, after arriving from Coventry to visit family in Moulton.

Police sources report that once the cab set off, the woman had concerns about the driver’s behaviour and asked him to return them to the station so they could get another taxi.

The male driver is reported to have became angry, stopped the vehicle in Northampton Lane, Moulton, and pulled the 12-year-old from the vehicle by the arms before throwing her on the floor.

Her mother and sibling then got out before the driver left the scene. The child was not hurt but was very upset by the incident.

The taxi driver is described as an Asian man in his late 50s, with receding black hair and black moustache, both greying. He is around 5ft 3in, of lean build, and was wearing a blue short-sleeved open neck shirt with white buttons.

Northamptonshire Police are appealing for witness or more information relating to the incident.


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